Modern Art Paintings

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Busting the rationalist and rigid themes and practices of paintings have always been deemed the revolution in the domain of paintings. In this aspect, modern art paintings serve as the response of the creative world towards these practices. Modern art is known to represent the innovation in themes, ideas and thoughts which were traditionally put into paintings. With its roots traced back to the 18th century, modern art has no set subjects rather the boundless imagination of the minds of the artists. The expressions and details put into the paintings make them a masterpiece. Moreover, no one painting is the same as it makes it way all from the back of the mind of the artist to the strokes of the brush on the canvas.

Gallerist bestows you with a rich collection of modern art paintings which perfectly reflects the modern thoughts and ideologies. Be spoilt for choices when you are at the best place to get modern art. We assure you that no art lover will go disappointed once they land on Gallerist.

At Gallerist, you can get modern art paintings made on different surfaces such as Fabriano sheet, canvas, renaissance watercolour paper, ivory sheet, thick paper, rice paper, wood board, hardboard, silk cloth, Canson paper, a Brazilian wood, canvas board, leaf, cartridge paper, oil sheet and acrylic glass among others.

You will also have no scarcity of options when it comes to the material used for making the paintings like acrylic colour, ceramic, charcoal, enamel colour, fabric, instant batik, mixed media, natural colour, oil colour, pastel colour, pen colour, pencil colour, graphite pencil, ballpoint pen, sand, class, poster colour, marble, bronze, paper and brass among others. Also, we know that art lovers go leaps and bounds for the perfect art piece. Therefore, we have a varying price range which allows everyone to pick their desired paintings without worrying about the budget.

Add to the glory of your interiors most thrillingly with the unique expressions and strokes put into it. The details and precision of modern art paintings will make it all worthwhile for you. Moreover, it can be an exceptional gift for your near and dear ones. Be it any occasion or individual, they will always appreciate your token of love in form of these mesmerizing paintings. Dive into the ocean of modern art paintings we have and pick the best for you.