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Sell Your Paintings & Other Art Online

Gallerist.in is an online platform for promoting quality art created by artists worldwide. With a simple registration process, we allow you to sell paintings as many as you choose, with the freedom of putting up the price you want. Marketing team at Gallerist.in supports an artist to sell art online by various promotional methods including social media marketing & Google search.

Verified Artist

Becoming a verified artist on Gallerist helps an artist sell his paintings fast. Verified artist is eligible for benefits like his paintings placed on top, new paintings can be highlighted on website home page or under ‘New on Gallerist’. Gallerist team will support verified artist in selling the paintings using various online promotional methods.

Why Gallerist?

You can register on our website, do the listing, upload your artwork & start selling online. We promote artists on Social Media and Google. You can register on our website, upload your artwork & start selling online.

Tips For Artist

Ensure that you click good quality images as images of poor quality might affect the purchasing decision of the buyer. Please only upload original paintings that are exclusively yours. By accepting the terms & conditions while uploading the images you are bound to maintain the originality of paintings to the buyer. You certificate with painting is a proof of the same.

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I have recently registered and became a verified artist on Gallerist.in. I feel this website is excellent in every respect. It's giving a good platform to all artists to promote their arts. Everything is clear, letting no confusion left behind. It's working very fast. The design of this website is far better than other art portals available in India. It seems the entire team of gallerist.in is smart enough and dedicated to shoulder upon their responsibilities. I believe, it will soon reach upper and upper heights with new aspects of promoting arts and artists. To an artist it's really one of the best among other platforms available.

-A.B. Kaser


Thank you Gallerist.in for giving me the opportunity to share my creation with the outer world!

Susmita Mandal-Artist


Gallerist.in has given me my own space to show my artworks to the entire world. I have all my artwork at one place online. A single button social share is too good; I keep sharing my painting deck on my social accounts. Also, they have been very friendly & helpful in promoting my paintings & me.

- Sankar Thakur



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The experience was very good. Very few places like Gallerist, so easy to choose paintings and know about artists. I would definitely recommend art lovers to check it out.

-Mayur Shrivastav


I like the Art on Wall section, best in the entire website, it gives a good perspective. Also, overall experience was good. All the best guys!

-Nidhay Singh


I was able to find great painting within my budget. The entire process of buying was very convenient.

-Leeladhar Gaur