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The art form which is over 2500 years old, Madhubani paintings are believed to trace their roots to the time of Ramayana when King Janaka asked to capture Ram-Sita wedding. Since then, Madhubani art and paintings have been thriving and dignifying. The bright contrast of the colours outlined with precision brings out the perfect form of the figures and patterns being put onto the paintings. These exquisite paintings are created to depict special events or occasions. Madhubani paintings have intricate patterns, designs and textures, which portrays the delicacy of the art form.

At Gallerist, we have a wide collection of Madhubani paintings from which you can pick the best one you think is for you. From nature and wildlife to special occasions and Gods, we have paintings that depict everything you would want. The paintings in the former times were made from colours extracted from plants as opposed to the colours used today. We aim to preserve the authenticity and original style while serving you exceptional Madhubani paintings.

At Gallerist, we have Madhubani paintings which are created by using several materials such as ceramic, acrylic colour, fabric, enamel colour, charcoal, instant batik, ink colour, mixed media, oil colour, natural colour, photo ink, graphite pencil, coffee, sand, ballpoint pen, marble, metal, wood, brass and paper among others. Moreover, we have paintings in a spectrum of price so that no art lover regrets not being able to get one for them.

Not only this, you can get Madhubani paintings made on various surfaces like canvas, Fabriano sheet, rice paper, renaissance watercolour paper, thick paper, cloth, silk, hardboard, brustro watercolour paper, handmade paper, Brazilian paper, leaf, oil sheet, cartridge paper, arches paper, drawing paper and OHP plastic sheets among others. Get to choose the one which catches your attention and you think might go along with your personality the best.

With every painting retaining the authentic charm of Madhubani art form, we promise to put forth pieces of art that will connect with your soul and intellect. In its very embryonic and untouched form, Madhubani paintings would serve as the finest addition to your chic home interiors. Moreover, like a cherry on the top, these Madhubani paintings can be the perfect gifting options to your loved ones as something unique and thoughtful.

Dig into our colourful and bright collection of Madhubani paintings and choose the one you feel is the right painting for you.