Figurative Paintings

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With a strong reference of the real aspects of the world and human figures, figurative paintings accurately portray the emotions and perspectives of lives. The approach of figurative paintings resonates with the real world and humans as it portrays them as the prominent theme or subject. Moreover, a strong association with reality makes them a worthy piece of art. These paintings display a substantial connection with the individual or subject. Therefore, Gallerist has a wide collection of figurative paintings to offer to you.

We have plenty of figurative paintings made on various surfaces such as ceramic, acrylic colour, fabric, enamel colour, ink colour, Instant Batik, mixed media, charcoal, natural colour, oil colour, pastel colour, photo ink, ballpoint pen, watercolour, graphite pencil, wood, brass, marble, sand, bronze and paper among others. The figurative paintings are made on various surfaces such as canvas, Fabriano sheet, rice paper, renaissance watercolour paper, thick paper, cloth, silk, hardboard, brustro watercolour paper, handmade paper, Brazilian paper, leaf, oil sheet, cartridge paper, arches paper, drawing paper and OHP plastic sheets among others. You have ample of picks to choose from.

From the sheer happiness of a group of children and the emotions of a village woman to the emotions of love and stages of life, we have every type of figurative painting you would like. Every painting displays the realistic facets of life through the richness of colours and in-depth strokes and details. Just like every individual has a unique life, these paintings carry a unique essence and ideology.

Adding a cherry on top, you do not have to worry about the prices as well. Never think that you will not get paintings within your budget. We appreciate your love for paintings. Therefore, we have paintings available for you in a wide range of price. This ensures that price will never be a factor stopping you from getting a painting you love or want.

Get figurative paintings for decorating your house, office space or gifting it to your loved ones, these will meet your expectations without fail. All you are required to do is to delve into this fascinating collection of figurative paintings and pick the painting you think is the best. We are sure that you will be glad and proud of your choice every time you get a painting for you from us. The painting that belongs to you awaits you. Get it from Gallerist.