About Artist

I learnt painting from many renowned artists, observed their techniques, took ideas and experiment them for better understanding, to develop my own approach and evolve myself as a unique artist. Art is never ending learning process. My artworks are mostly realistic and I experiment with other styles too. My paintings are based on some philosophy, thoughts or on my some imaginary story of nature, wild life and human expressions. I love to include a living being like humans or animals in my painting’s story to make it more live. Vivid colours, imaginations, thoughts and creativity inspire me to paint. I believe that painting is a way to present your thoughts and morals in front of the world and to next generation even if you will not be present.


    Bachelor and Master in Computer Application

    I was a software engineer and worked for 10 yrs in Software Industry. Then I left my job to pursue my passion for art and become a full-time artist.


    Online exhibitions

Award & Recognition

    - Listed in top twenty artist on Gallerist
    - My paintings are collected by many private collectors of different countries like Singapore, UK and my own country India.
    -My painting tutorials and videos are appreciated in online media and getting many subscribes and viewers from all over the world on online channels like YouTube and other portals.