About Artist

Anupam Pal is an implausible personality with brilliant talent and absolute zeal for redefining the culture of artisanship. He belongs to Jamshedpur, who has dedicated himself to create Indian style painting of exclusive style and ultimate forms. Since the time Anupam took art, he has been creating a myriad of exquisite paintings. The reflection of his visionary shades & the brush strokes can deliberately be seen in his DIAM ART painting and spiritual art Paintings. The dynamic thought process of the artist is reflected through his abstract Radha Krishna paintings.


    Anupam pal born on 11th Oct 1991 in Jamshedpur. 6th-year diploma in fine arts from Tagore school of arts (Tagore academy ) Jamshedpur, and applying in 3d animation and VFX (baavfx) from MAAC (Maya Academy Of Advanced Cinematics) Chowringhee, Kolkata. Mr. Anupam al, an incredible personality with exceptional talents and sheer passion, redefined the culture of artisanship he is a Jamshedpur-based artist, who dedicated his self to create Indian style painting. Since the time Anupam took domain he has been creating a number of exquisite painting.


    Solo Exhibitions

    1. Immortal Love - Nandlal Bose Art Gallery, Jamshedpur,
    2. Shilpangan, Kala Niketana, Sansol, 2013 (Inarticulate-1)
    3. Shilpangan, Kala Niketana, Sansol, 2014 (Inarticulate-2)
    4. Upcoming exhibition: “The journey of Dreams”
    solo exhibition : at "Off the Wall Art Gallery, Jamshedpur 2nd to 10th November, 2016

    Group Exhibitions

    1. Group Academy of Exhibition of Academy of Fine group Exhibition of Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata, 2009.

    2. The sixth annual art workshop by the Tagore Academy Jamshedpur, 2012.

    3. Seventh annual art workshop by Tagore Academy Jamshedpur, 2014.

    4. Shilpangan Kala Niketan, Asansola, 2013.

    5. Group exhibition of Jahangir Art Gallery Mumbai, 2013.

    6. Wings of Colour Group Exhibition of Jamshedpur Artist at Nandlal Bose Art Gallery, Jamshedpur, 2013.

    7. The Invincible Group Exhibition of the Waal (Curated by Anupam Pal), Jamshedpur, 2014.
    8. Emamichesal group exhibition of paintings from the art of color 2014.

    9. Lalit Kala Academy Group Exhibition, 2013.

    10. "Sahasra" International group painting exhibition at Alliance Française Art Gallery, 2015.

    11. Voice of Women Group Exhibition of Paintings at Nandlal Bose Art Gallery
    Jamshedpur, 2015.
    12. Beyond self-group exhibition of paintings and sculpture at the Nandlal Bose Art gallery Jamshedpur from 23rd to 25th February 2016 (curated by Anupam Pal)
    13. Charity a group exhibition of paintings at "Gallery M" Kolkata from 25th to 2nd November, 2015.

    14. “Wings of Colour” National Art workshop at Nandlal Bose art gallery Jamshedpur from 23rd to 26th September 2016.

    15. National Art Workshop by Bengal Art Stocks at Lokayata Art Gallery, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, from 25th to 29th September, Delhi, 2015

    16. Open Air Art Exhibition at United Club, by "Off the Wall" art gallery, Jamshedpur from 2nd to 10th October 2015
    And many exhibitions of all over India.

Award & Recognition

    1. Artist of the Year Award from Dipek Art and Trust Jamshedpur, 2008.
    2. Artist of the Year Award from Jharkhand government, 2008
    3. Birla Academy Award Kolkata, 2013.
    4. Third Award in Reninson Artist and Writer Association (RAWA) Kolkata, 2010.
    5. Second in Reninson Artist and Writer Association (RAWA) Kolkata 2011.
    6. Third Award in second Open Jharkhand Sit and Draw art competition, 2010.
    7. Got an invitation from "X Edition of the Florence Biennale, October 2015", Italy.
    8. X Florence Biennale 2015 for painting exhibition 2014.
    9. Participate in MAAC 24FPS Digital Painting Individual category. (Maya Academy of Advance Cinematic) International Animation Award Mumbai, 2013.
    10. Bronze Medal in MAAC 24FPS VFX Group (Maya Academy of Advance Cinematic) International Animation Award (Mumbai) 2014.
    11. Artist of the Month September- 2014 from