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Without any surprise, love has been the most portrayed emotion through paintings. For centuries, painters and artists have reflected the emotion of love through several paintings and illustrations. Moreover, it used to be a prominent subject or theme of paintings. Regardless of all, paintings are an exceptional way to express the feeling and emotions making it universal. Through love paintings, artists displayed fascinating insights into the cultures and traditions while throwing light on the evolution of love. The limitless forms which love carries, paintings are the best way to represent the intensity of the emotion.

Therefore, at Gallerist, we have a wide collection of love paintings for you to choose from. From the immortal love of Radha Krishna to the pure love of human and animals, you can get paintings that will perfectly reflect your sentiments. From traditional subjects to contemporary themes, love has no limits to be characterized. Therefore, we have paintings from the finest artists made with precision, depth and richness of strokes and sentiments.

Pick the best painting made of a wide range of materials like acrylic colours, ceramic, fabric, ink colour, charcoal, instant batik, enamel colour, natural colour, oil colours, pastel colours, wood, glass and marble among others. Not only this, at Gallerist, the paintings made on various surfaces are available such as Fabriano sheet, canvas, ivory sheet, thick paper, rice sheet, Renaissance watercolour paper, cloth, silk, hardboard, Canson paper, Brazilian paper, Brustro watercolour paper, leaf, oil sheet and cartridge paper among others.

At Gallerist, we never let the art lover go empty-handed. If the prices are your concern, we erase that barrier as well. Just like love has no barriers, your love for art should not be restricted as well. Therefore, we have paintings available in a wide price range allowing you to pick your best choice. You can now get a painting you think connects with your soul without worrying about the costs.

Whether you want to gift it to your beloved or get it for your home interiors, this wide collection is sure to leave you spoilt for choices. Never let the fire within you subside and love for your paintings fade. These love paintings offer fascinating options to you. Explore the collection we have Gallerist and pick a painting that is as unique as your personality and sentiments. We assure the best quality, appearance and appeal of the painting we offer.