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The Moonlight Cabin

by Artist Niraj Pradhan

$ 130

  16x12 In
  Acrylic Color
  Canvas Board
  7 days applicable from delivery date.
  Museum Quality - 100% Handpainted


One of my most favorite season of the years is the winter. I always get fascinated by the beauty of God's creation. As a little child I always had beautiful dreams of snow covered cottages in the middle of a dark forest with the light shining through the window, the reflection of the moon on the little water stream under the stone-bridge adds more drama to the scene. Looking at those distance dark pine trees and the snow covered mountains creates a sense of fear but look at those sky filled with little stars & the silvery light of moon, it's beautiful isn't ? Always look for the light, the only one hope to conquer the obstacles in life.
  • Best quality original Artwork for decorating your House or Office walls.
  • Gift someone you really care for, because this Artwork will stay with him long life.
  • Artwork quality checked & verified by Gallerist panel of artists.
  • Warranty covers manufacturing defect, wrong size/wrong design shipped.
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