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From kids to adults, everyone adores one or the other form of Ganesha. Ganesha, also known as Ganpati, Vinayak and Vighnaharta, whatever you might want to denote the Lord with, is one of the most worshipped deities in the Hindu house of prayers. Not only in India, but Lord Ganesha has also been worshipped in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Nepal as well. The spiritual sentiments and references attached to Ganesha have always been considered in high regards by the worshippers.

Deemed the remover of obstacles, idols of Ganesha has always been considered as an auspicious thing to keep in houses. Likely, Ganesha paintings have emerged as a preferred one to be kept. Not only has it brought the feeling of relaxation but spirituality and comfort. At Gallerist, we have Ganesha paintings made up of different materials. Various material is used such as acrylic colour, ceramic, charcoal, enamel colour, fabric, instant batik, mixed media, natural colour, oil colour, pastel colour, pen colour, pencil colour, graphite pencil, ballpoint pen, sand, class, poster colour, marble, bronze, paper and brass among others. Therefore, you get the option to choose any painting from any material you want. Never get to compromise on anything with us.

Also, we have these paintings made on different surfaces such as Fabriano sheet, canvas, renaissance watercolour paper, ivory sheet, thick paper, rice paper, wood board, hardboard, silk cloth, Canson paper, a Brazilian wood, canvas board, leaf, cartridge paper, oil sheet and acrylic glass among others. Therefore, choose the one which you want. Not only different material but the paintings are available at a price range which allows everyone to pick a suitable painting just in their budget. We do not want you to suppress your desires or refrain from getting a Ganesha painting due to the price.

Paintings of Lord Ganesha have always enhanced the beauty of our homes while bringing the aura of auspiciousness into your surroundings. Moreover, they add as an influencing interior element when put on the wall in your house. Ganesha paintings can be the ideal gifting option for anyone to wish them luck or prosperity in life. It can be a birthday gift or a housewarming gifting option, Ganesha Paintings never fail to spread their charm. Therefore, pick the one you assume to be the best pick for yourself or your loved ones from the wide collections of Ganesha paintings we have at Gallerist.