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With the advent of modern art, the charisma of folk art and paintings has been lost somewhere. However, a few artists are there still who are dedicated to keeping folk art alive. Folk art has been celebrated significantly in Indian culture and passed down to generations over centuries. Moreover, the depth and richness of the patterns, figures and designs are unmatched. Every part of the country is filled with rich tradition which is portrayed through folk art of the region. Therefore, at Gallerist, we have a wide collection of folk art paintings from which you can have your best pick.

From Tribal Gond art to Madhubani paintings and from the north to the south, we have folk paintings that reflect the cultures and traditions of several regions. Moreover, we have paintings that depict festivals, lifestyle, dances, music, costumes, practices, rituals and more. You will have ample of choices to explore and choose the one which is the best for you. Every painting is unique in every aspect and a masterpiece in itself.

At Gallerist, you can get folk art paintings made on different surfaces such as Fabriano sheet, canvas, renaissance watercolour paper, ivory sheet, thick paper, rice paper, wood board, hardboard, silk cloth, Canson paper, a Brazilian wood, canvas board, leaf, cartridge paper, oil sheet and acrylic glass among others.

You will also be spoilt for choices when it comes to the material used like acrylic colour, ceramic, charcoal, enamel colour, fabric, instant batik, mixed media, natural colour, oil colour, pastel colour, pen colour, pencil colour, graphite pencil, ballpoint pen, sand, class, poster colour, marble, bronze, paper and brass among others. Adding a cherry on the top, the folk art paintings are available in a wide price scale which allows you to pick them without ever burning a hole in your pocket.

Get it as a decoration element for a folk essence in your interiors or add a masterpiece to your painting collection, you will always be delighted with the paintings. Also, these folk art paintings can be a perfect gifting option for any occasion and individual.

You do not have to go anywhere when you have Gallerist. We have the finest folk art paintings made by the finest artists with their dedication and thoughts. Dive into the wide collection; swim across all the offerings and make the painting you think resonates with you the best yours at the best prices.