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The Two Aspects Of A Woman

by Artist Lopamudra Ghosh

$ 268

  35x45 In
  Oil Color
  7 days applicable from delivery date.
  Museum Quality - 100% Handpainted


The two aspects of a woman, the half we are able to understand or rather we think we understand, the half which is beautiful by our norms and rules, the half which is acceptable to us, one which encapsulates their beauty in our narrow understanding of her ... The other half which is just as same but does not encompasses into our understanding, as we do not have the vision to see it, feel it. They say we are scared of what we do not understand or accept it. It is there but we don't see it, or just don't want to see it. She is the same inside out... She is whole even without; she is beautiful, she is glorious.... She is kind and generous; Let her be, as she wants to be Try to see beyond what she wants you to see.
  • Best quality original Artwork for decorating your House or Office walls.
  • Gift someone you really care for, because this Artwork will stay with him long life.
  • Artwork quality checked & verified by Gallerist panel of artists.
  • Warranty covers manufacturing defect, wrong size/wrong design shipped.
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