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Golden Moments Melting In His Hand

by Artist Goutami Mishra
  20x30 In
  Acrylic Color
  7 days applicable from delivery date.
  Museum Quality - 100% Handpainted


This is wonderful romantic couple's love painting reminding golden moment of your love life, your passion for your partner and adding colors in your romance. This painting is telling a story which is related to most of us. In this he/she has kept their best moments wrapped in a paper which seems white from outside but golden from inside. It captures the moment when being with him or her makes them feel butterflies in their stomach and add colors in their life. Since it is a memory that's why it is black and white but whenever you watch, it again fills colors and butterflies in your life.
  • Best quality original Artwork for decorating your House or Office walls.
  • Gift someone you really care for, since art lasts a lifetime.
  • Artwork quality checked & verified by Gallerist panel of artists.
  • Warranty covers manufacturing defect, wrong size/wrong design shipped.
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