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Contemporary paintings, often considered modern art, can be traced back to the period between the 1860s to the 1970s. The art philosophy developed during the period nurtured the form of art we see in form of contemporary paintings today. These paintings broke the traditions and paved way for a spirit of experimentation and adoption of something new.

With the artists portraying their brave spirit of breaking the rules and brushing down the non-traditional, they pioneered the way of treating new subjects, materials and ideas to come up with perspectives that broke the ordinary.

At Gallerist, we have contemporary paintings which are created by using several materials such as ceramic, acrylic colour, fabric, enamel colour, charcoal, instant batik, ink colour, mixed media, oil colour, natural colour, photo ink, graphite pencil, coffee, sand, ballpoint pen, marble, metal, wood, brass and paper among others. Moreover, we have paintings in a spectrum of price so that no art lover regrets not being able to get one for them.

Not only this, you can get contemporary paintings made on various surfaces like canvas, Fabriano sheet, rice paper, renaissance watercolour paper, thick paper, cloth, silk, hardboard, brustro watercolour paper, handmade paper, Brazilian paper, leaf, oil sheet, cartridge paper, arches paper, drawing paper and OHP plastic sheets among others. Get to choose the one which catches your attention and you think might go along with your personality the best.

We have a wide collection of contemporary paintings with which you can choose the ones you connect the best. With the dawn of modern art paintings, all the boundaries of the traditional art practices were broken and redefined.

Therefore, it is time for you to add a modern touch to your interiors and push yourself beyond the boundaries to achieve meaning in your life. We aim to keep the spirit alive, therefore, present before you s wide spectrum of contemporary paintings. These paintings can be an exceptional gift for your loved ones or a masterpiece to add to your walls.

Forget about the days of perfection and delve into the imperfect modern world. Every stroke of every painting we offer is unique just like the vibe and personality you carry. Artists portray their thoughts and ideas with precision on every panting and you can get to relish the beauty of every colour, pattern and stroke the paintings have. Therefore, dive in and collect the best one for yourself.