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Brass Valamburi Vinayagar Statue

by Reseller Vgo Cart

$ 57

  2.5x4 In
  Handmade paper
  7 days applicable from delivery date.
  Museum Quality - 100% Handpainted


Holy God Valampuri Vinayagar Sitting Brass Statue. Ganesha Idol should be placed in the east or the west directions of the house. Northeast corner of the house is the best location to set up your Ganesha idol. If northeast is unavailable then place an idol in a way that you face north or east while offering prayers.Lord Ganesha is the most favourite God of everyone because he is a remover of all obstructions as well as creator of happiness in the life of people. He also gives knowledge and success in all fields to each and every one worshipping him with sincere devotion.
  • Best quality original Artwork for decorating your House or Office walls.
  • Gift someone you really care for, because this Artwork will stay with him long life.
  • Artwork quality checked & verified by Gallerist panel of artists.
  • Warranty covers manufacturing defect, wrong size/wrong design shipped.
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