Collecting art has drifted away from being just a hobby to a money churning business opportunity. With the economic boom in India, many have moved a notch higher in the economic affluence ladder. This has not only empowered them to explore their passion but also to invest in opportunities that could help them reap benefits in the future.


Art is one sector that has gained a lot from the economic boom and Indian Art Collectors are wasting no time in cashing i...


India is a country known for its cultural diversity and that diversity can be observed in Indian religions, cuisines, languages, festivities, etc. When we talk about festivities, the image that immediately comes to mind is the pomp & fervor with which every festival is celebrated across different parts of India.

‘Gifting’ is one thing that is synonymous for every festival, irrespective of the festival that is celebrated. Finding a perfect gift is a daunting task and as the festive season approaches, so does the d...