About Artist

If you ask me ,”who am I?....I say “I am an artist.” When you ask me ,what kind?.....I say ”A good one indeed. Born and brought up in the land of diversity and rich cultural heritage India, I have always been in tune with my creative self and continue to passionately polish my artistic skills relying on my practice and my own sense of direction. However I have been fortunate enough to study anatomy, figure drawing ,landscapes, still life, portrait techniques under the well renowned illustrator ,concept artist and painter Aditya Chari and watercolor artist Vinayak Mindhe. I have completed my online certifications under the award winning professional artist Jed Dorsey . Adding to my achievements is the Specialization in digital art from FX School Of Digital Media. Artist like Bob Ross, Edgar Payne , Isaac Leviton and Bryan Mark Taylor are a few of my favorites who enlighten me to optimize my creative power.


    B.Com Graduate from Mumbai University



Award & Recognition

    Received 1st Prize in Online Exhibition conducted by Acrylic University.
    Painted "The Walk" with acrylics on canvas.