About Artist

I love to paint. The fun and joy that colors bring to my thoughts and experiences, inspire me to create something more meaningful and beautiful. A stroke of a brush or a shade of blue sets me on an arduous journey to scale the tall, tough summits in my mind. My paintings are a window into the deepest recesses of my mind. A painting is a vision in my mind's eye. The form that eventually takes shape on the canvas bears a colorful testimony to my passion, pain and a compelling urge to fill the canvas with my emotions and experiences. Painting is passion for me to express my innermost thoughts with a willing listener who will assess my mastery over the craft and more importantly, also listen to my language of love and hope. I invite you to find your own meanings in my works. If they make you think, I would have achieved my objective!


    1990 : B Tech and M Tech from IIT Bombay. Electrical Engineer by education and profession. Now a full-time artist. Self-taught artist.


    Vinay has participated in many group Shows. Some of the prominent ones are: TRIO, Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai (2019), AMALGAMATION 4, Cymroza art gallery, Mumbai (2018). Musings, Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai (2017). Mostra d'Arte, LA MISERICORDIA NELLE CARCERI, CALOLZIOCORTE (LC), ITALY (2016). Signature tune, Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai (2015). Color of Spring, Cymroza art gallery, Mumbai (2013). Bajaj Monsoon show, Mumbai (2010).

Award & Recognition

    My paintings were on display on saffronart, in the past. Currently I am trending on saatchiart, artoreal, indiaart, and artzyme.