About Artist

I can paint Landscapes, Figurative, Steal Life, Abstracts, Portrait... But mainly Abstracts and Figurative work I loves more to do. Because of good color sence the combinations i used in abstract people liked the most. Colors express the mood. My freedom of thought and passion for the act of painting are expressed through the confident strokes and colours of nature. Detailing is very necessary for the expression of thoughts in the painting. Petions and continuity is necessary for good quality.


    ▪ 2007- Bachelor of Fine Art (1st class), Sir J. J. School of Arts, Mumbai University
    ▪ 2008- Course of Animation


    ▪ 2016- Solo " Life Of a Great Ruler Chatrapati Shivaji maharaj " work is in progress
    ▪ 2015- Solo "Goa Inquisition", at Chatrapati Shivaji maharaj museum
    ▪ 2 014- Solo " My work My passion" Bhansali Hall, Pune

Award & Recognition

    ▪ 1997-98- Shankar's weekly International award 1st prize
    ▪ 2000-02- Camlin award
    ▪ 2005- Young India (Bronzs medal)