About Artist

Hello There! I paint acrylic abstracts in knife on both canvas and jute. My style is fairly versatile and I play with several different kinds of palettes. My work is largely instinctive and abstract. Please feel free to reach out and commission a piece (or buy one here!), either in the abstract or pop art genres. I will be more than happy to work with a color palette of your choice. Painting to me is the most peaceful activity to indulge in, and working with me is more about creating a visually appealing and intriguing piece of art, than about money. I'll be happy to work at cost on a piece I find genuinely interesting.


    Self-Taught Artist, but I have an MSc in Economics & Finance from the University of Bristol, UK (if that helps at all, haha! - Also happen to be a part-qualified Actuary)



Award & Recognition