About Artist

Nature, poetry and music have been constant catalysts in Upasana’s journey as an artist. Travelling and living in different countries has also been a major influence in the development of her style. She follows her instincts and finds inspiration in life and landscapes around her. Over the years she has evolved from a Figurative into an Abstract artist. Her process of creation requires her to work in solitude and she often surrenders herself to the moment. While creating her works she plays music with soulful and often romantic lyrics. The melody and words deeply influence the mood, emotions and rendering. This gives her work a spontaneity that builds onto the existing vision. At times she writes Hindi poetry that translates into her artwork. Currently based in Singapore her latest inspiration comes from trees seen around the island’s scape; Upasana senses an omnipotent connection to a tree each time she feels inclined to create a work. This link communicates the unique feel and colours that the work might take on. The covert shapes and textures could manifest in the work as lyrical abstraction, dripping technique, it’s the music and mood that chooses her form of expression in that moment. The spiritual nature and personal philosophy of trusting the unrehearsed impulse is visible in all her artworks. This is what makes it a sincere, fluid and unpretentious reflection of her personality. The mood, depth, meaning and character of the work is left open to the viewer’s interpretations.


    2016 Semi Abstract Oil Painting-magnifying nature, LASALLE, Singapore
    2014 Western Abstract Painting, NAFA, Singapore
    2013 Painting II, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong
    2006 Diploma in 2D Animation Film Making & Technology (ICAAT), India
    2005 Masters in Philosophy, Gorakhpur University, India
    2004 National Eligibility Test for Lectureship (UGC-NET), India
    2003 Bachelor in Arts (Painting), Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan, India


    Exhibitions Expérience
    2019 5th Enter into Art International installations, Germany
    2019 House of Failure, SIkka Art Fair, Dubai
    2018 “From Within”, ION Art Gallery, Singapore
    2018 Index Design Fair, World Trade Centre, Dubai (UAE)
    2017 World Art Dubai, World Trade Centre, Dubai (UAE)
    2017 “Symphony in Colors” Collaborative Art Exhibition at Visual Art Centre, Singapore
    2017 India Art Festival, Thayagraj Stadium, New Delhi, India
    2016 Design Exhibition at Maad, Red Dot Museum, Singapore
    2015 “Soul and Art”, ION Art Gallery, Singapore
    2014 “Colors as Action” Abstract Art Exhibition at Reading Room, Singapore

Award & Recognition

    Volunteer work for VSA Singapore
    Volunteer work for Tashkeel Dubai