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I am Uddhav Deshpande, born on 2nd October 1966 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA. I qualified as a visual Artist ( B.F.A ) 1988 with Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, from Mumbai University, Maharashtra. My work is based on figurative, Nature forms & Conceptual Themes etc., I love working with Pen-n-Ink on canvas & water colours and acrylic. I love working on Hindu Mythology & Buddhism. Both have changed me in many ways, so I try to express my feelings through my paintings. As an artist the process of creating artwork is important to me but I refuse to accept the limitations imposed by rules. I want to work in all styles, delve through many subjects and then draw conclusions at my own pace. Some may also call it a drawing or an illustration. It is not important what it is called. It is very challenging to create innumerable tones by combining the limited available colors. I need to make my painting come alive! I worked in the field of Communication Design and applied my creative talent in rendering a variety of art works. After years of designing for various people I came to the conclusion that I needed an outlet that would help me realize my creative potential in a more satisfying way. Art for me, like for many other people became the most meaningful part of life and a source of much fun and relaxation. I hope that my paintings serve as a channel of expression and help the viewer understand my inner conflicts, fears, and tensions as well as my aspirations, hopes, and ideals. In the coming years I hope to venture into every aspect of art and explore all its dimensions. I have just made a small beginning and I’m hoping that the average viewer in the gallery comes out feeling that he has seen something that provokes a reaction. I see a lot of beauty in the mundane things of life and I hope to make people see that as well.


    BFA from Sir J.J Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai

    MA in Pali Language from Mumbai University


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