About Artist

I am a self-taught artist, belong to a very middle-class family from a small town of West Bengal, India. Though I have been painting since my childhood, I was not privileged to have formal education in the field of Painting & Art. I have had formal education in the field of Geography and has done my post graduation. But my artistic interest always dragged me towards those professions where there are creativity and innovation. I am also a certified Jewelry Designer from a reputed Institute and worked some period of my lifetime as a Jewelry Designer. I have learned through trial and errors, various web-learning related to methods & tricks of painting. I also learnt a lot referring through various artist forum & blogs. Being a self-taught artist, I have managed to make my own unique style that hopefully are reflecting in my art & paintings works. By nature, I am very open minded related to artwork & painting and therefore could not confined myself within traditional painting & artworks only. I always prefer to have some experimental works utilizing offbeat/non-conventional tricks and methods along with blends of my creative thoughts & imaginations with my artwork & paintings. I hope that my paintings should confer a pleasant and positive vibe not only in spectator’s mind but also leaves and positive impression in the surrounding environment as well.


    Post graduation in Geography


Award & Recognition