About Artist

Shabnam Hemayun, 20, a self taught artist, currently studying Psychology in Bangalore was born in the heart of Kashmir, called "Paradise in Earth" and her paintings are characterized by the serene sense of beauty that lies there. The subjectivity of the art of practicing these plein-air paintings is inspired by the enduring reality of what nature holds. The art of capturing such beauty amazed her mind since childhood, to the point of making it her muse. She believes that it's hardwork which pays off, and these artistic works inherently help one to express his inner thoughts. From the roots of her home, she has learned to create her art, where she learned of her capabilities and she strongly regards that one should learn and create what they love doing. Some of her trademarks are also the realistic rendering of the daily life objects and figures. As someone greatly says, "Life is art, be the muse", truly is what she relies on, and ultimately has been the reason for her to be more patient and grow better.


    B.A psychology ,


Award & Recognition

    3rd prize in sketching - State Level Jammu and Kashmir
    1st prize in sketching - Inter school comepition
    1st prize in sketching - IIPR Bangalore
    1st prize in sketching - Jain university
    1st prize in Journalism intra college fest : St.Anne's First Grade Degree College for Womem
    1st prize in Fantasia intra college fest : St.Anne's First Grade Degree College for Women
    Certificate for excellence
    Participation certificates inter college + inter school