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This is the official fan page of the artist Jeff Bourne and his site Here you can see all the updates on the newest paintings and events. About the Artist Artist, Art Teacher, and Host of "laportrayal painting" on YouTube and other Social Networks. Hi there, thank you so much for stopping by. Laportrayal is an official brand that connects with the Artist "Jeff". Jeff is a unique and versatile artist. He was raised and bought up in the very much known country "India" and currently reside in its heart, New Delhi. He was shown a magical interest in Art at an age of 8 and gradually picked up the expert level first in Sketching and later in Paintings. It’s a true God gift that he is completely self-taught, and learnt his techniques from his mistakes, practice and experiences. He loves to paint and always try to do something unique and memorable with each of his artworks. There is no limit in his work or category of art. However, he loves a lot to paint in oil. If you need to learn, then definitely there are few steps you need to follow but soon after you grasp it you will be shocked to see your improvements in a very short span. Please keep us posted in case you have any queries or if you want to buy any of our original paintings/products.


    Bachelors in Tourism Management from IITTM, Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh) India



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