About Artist

Suvarna Gaonkar Artist A homemaker, post Graduated from Goa University having liking and interest towards Mandala dot art. I learnt about dot art seeing a post on internet and got inspired to explore it more. I believe any form of art gives you peace of mind and relaxation, and mandala dot art for me is an excellent form of stress relieving art fulfilling myself with joy in abundance. I enjoy doing it as well as been receiving appreciation from family and friends. I not only restrict myself to art but enjoy trying new things and experiment to bring out my talent in different fields. I have worked in the field of wedding planning and event management, prior to that worked as an Asst. Professor, Philosophy. Nothing is permanent, everything changes. Inspired by this philosophy of life, I strongly believe in Change in every aspect and stage of life followed by learning. Learning is a lifelong process and I too prefer to change myself to add to the flow and learn throughout life. Same is applicable to my art. Bringing out my imagination on canvas is my passion.


    M. A in Philosophy
    Diploma in Computer Application


Award & Recognition