About Artist

One of the many billion people, wanting to be one in a billion. His works range from anything done with a few acrylic colors on a cheap paper to gift his friend on his birthday (typical artist: broke all 365 days) to pulling late nights , stacking hours to no end to pour life into seemingly disarray of colors. P.S: On a side note, trying my best to raise money through my art work to support my little pup!


    Like every obedient Indian kid, completed his post graduation faithfully on my parents orders, sorry I mean encouragement and support ;P. All the art drama while still pursuing my ACCA ( Association of Chartered Certified Accountant) on a huge student loan! Just trying to say, that I am broke in a different way.


    I do like exhibitions! I would love it more, if it were mine!

Award & Recognition

    No awards yet, hopefull of a few in the near future.