About Artist

I studied at Ken School of Art, Bangalore where i finished my bachelor in visual art in 2011 - 2012. As a child I always got into trouble at the classes for scribbling on my books trying to capture different kind of vibe with their colorful expressions. Growing up in a city like Bangalore meant I was always exposed to new cultures and people from all walks of life. I always doodled on everything that catch my eye at very moment. And I was fortunate enough to play with my dad’s camera and that didn’t stop there. As I grew up I always knew I wanted to fill my life with colors. Convincing my traditional family about going to art school wasn’t very easy as most Indian parents would love their kids to have a good white collar or blue collar job but i guess my persistence paid off and got to join ken school of art in Bangalore. It always strikes hard in my mind as to how I should make the world understand what I really wanted my life to be. After finishing my graduation at Ken I had no choice but to get a job to support my family that only thing matters to me and art wasn’t going to do that for me financially. A part-time bouncer came my way because of my strapping physique. I was witness to Bangalore’s drunken misbehavior at the parties. It was like living in a Glamorous world with mad people who cannot handle and control themselves. I eventually knew the time will come when i could get back to do what i love to do. It happened after five long years when things were more stable at home. I quit my job and devoted my times fully focused on rediscovering myself in art and practiced and did forms of art like painting, photography, sculpture, performance art and quite a few courses of it. it happens through the process of devoting myself to the practice of entering into intimate communion with the inner world of my heart, my mind and spirit. And then willingly opening myself to everything that one find there. Not only what i want to see and feel, but embracing those qualities and experiences that stretch me outside of what is easy, comfortable and familiar. These include things like profound joy, intense pleasure, radiant brilliance and wild freedom. And holding all of who I am in an attitude of radical self-acceptance. My painting is a powerful intuitive, spiritual and creative practice. And like all practices it requires a fierce devotion. I designed to transform my relationship to my intuition. To devote myself to hearing it, to truly listening to it. To actually knowing when its speaking to me. To learning to tell the difference between my intuitive intelligence and my analytical\ judging mind. As I release my attachment to judgment and planning the practice allows me to open more presence and spaciousness and self compassion. To dreamtime and the invisible realms. To deeper connection with the spark of spirit and my innate divine wisdom making what is unconscious conscious. To finding my medicine. To becoming more awake and alive. More whole. More real. More authentic. More me. To developing an unshakeable alliance with my inner wisdom and my inner healer. To let go of the need for certainty and guarantees and open fully to the unknown. To trust in things like my personal rhythm and divine timing. That going towards and surrendering to what i normally try to avoid and control will allows me to become even more fully alive. I share my similarities with other types of creative expression. As some of my works adorn the homes of collectors in india, Sweden, Germany, Singapore, Australia and England.


    Second Year Foundation at Ken School of Art. (2008-09)

    Bachelor of Visual Arts (Painting) Ken School of Art (2011-12)


    Karnataka Lalithakala Academy, 40th Art Exhibition, Shimoga (2011)

    Nava Varnagalu, group exhibition, Mysore (2011)

    VAJ Forum, Mungaru Sambrama Performance Art, Bangalore (2017)

    Gombe sambhrama, Bangalore ( 2017 )

    Association of People with Disability, Bangalore (2010, 2012)

    Woodblock Printing Workshop, Ken School of Art, Bangalore (2017)

    Ramzan Art Camp, Varna Art Gallery, Bangalore (2017)

Award & Recognition

    international 35 Award 2017
    Top 10 Mysore photographer award