About Artist

I'm a self motivated and self learned artist and my work is not restricted to traditional surfaces, I rather prefer pushing the boundaries. I also like experimenting with different mediums and have very good exposure in oil, acrylic, water color, ceramic, glass paints, fabric, and silk. I have been painting since 1973, have exhibited my work in many solo and group exhibitions and I also like to share my knowledge gained through years of experience with my teaching.



    List of solo exhibitions:-
    2007-Mandvi Bank Art Gallery, Mumbai
    2006-Nehru Center Circular Gallery, Mumbai
    2005-Gallerie Leela, Mumbai.
    2005-Art Entrance, Kalaghoda, Mumbai.
    1993-Y.B.Chawan Art Gallery, Mumbai
    1991-Abhyudaya Bank Hall, Vashi
    1988-Abhyudaya Bank Hall, Vashi
    1974-Nagar Vachanalaya,Satar

    List of Group Exhibitions:-
    2002-Vishnudas Bhave Natya Griha, Mumbai
    2001-Vishnudas Bhave Natya Griha, Mumbai
    2000-Vishnudas Bhave Natya Griha,Vashi, Mumbai
    1994-Art Society of India's Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
    1984-Art Society of India's Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
    1975-Bal Gandharva, Pune

Award & Recognition