About Artist

I am a self-taught Artist. I have been painting for the last decade and I use acrylic paints in my creations. Besides an artist andI a Mom of two handsome boys !! Being an artist allows me to be a stay at home mom and have the flexibility to explore my creative side.My inspiration comes from my travels, and my photography. I always stop and take photos wherever I go, even through the moving car.If I am not painting,I am out with my camera. I enjoy the simplicity of my surroundings and enjoy discovering the colours and textures in flowers, leaves,trees and landscapes. I create fresh, original pieces that bring life to any living space. I have had success selling locally.I have created custom pieces for many individuals privately.I love to paint flowers, trees and landscapes. My aim is to paint uplifting pieces that can bring a bit of nature in your home.I put lots of hard work and energy into my creations.I hope you enjoy viewing my artworks as much as I enjoy creating them.Enjoy the Art and thanks for visiting!!




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