About Artist

Art can be objective, multi-faceted and often intentionally left for interpretation. I'm a self taught painter who discovered a passion for painting and I welcome you to join me on this visual journey. From a young age I have believed, "you can create almost anything once you see it in your mind." My artwork focusses primarily on landscapes, portraits and abstract subjects in both watercolour and acrylic.


    I’m a dentist by profession but I got this keen towards painting since I was a child.
    I got the degree of masters of dental sciences in the year 2016 and also did a certification course in root canal treatment.


    I haven’t got an opportunity to display my paintings in an exhibition yet, but would love to fulfill that task soon.

Award & Recognition

    I haven’t got any recognition for my art work yet as I never portrayed my paintings on any public platform. Gallerist is the 1st platform to make my paintings get recognition and appreciated.