About Artist

I am a self- taught artist. In my childhood, I loved making sketches and drawings as a hobby. I Never received any formal education in art from any college. After getting married in 2007, got the opportunity to watch a fellow making oil paintings. I learned from him and started making realistic and semi realistic oil paintings, which people(family & relatives) really liked and appretiated. And kept on making many paintings for others. Also I started practicing charcoal sketches, which I really enjoyed. Later I started using acrylics, and they are my favourite medium now. I started making abstract paintings with them and in 2016 I got orders for a few paintings. And that's how, for the first time I sold a few of my paintings. I can just go on and on, and paint the whole day. This is the only thing that gives me so much happiness. No boundaries... and I can express myself freely. I am a learner and I want to try all as many styles and mediums as I can.


    Iam a post graduate, MBA, and presently doing NTT course. As I mentioned before, I have not taken any formal training from an art school or college. But in future I would love to learn even more.


    I have attended some exhibitions but Never got any chance yet to have an exhibition of my art. I really hope that I will get that opportunity.

Award & Recognition

    people who have liked and appreciated my work, and have asked for my paintings is my greatest reward.