About Artist

As an artist and muralist, I work hard to develop paintings that speak both to me and to others about the beauty that exists in the world of art. My interests is in an art which i have gained a lot of knowledge over the 18 years from different fields.


    After passing matriculation exams in 1st division, my interest leads me opting non medical in higher secondry. After my +2 physics andn sketching being my passion and pursued fine arts as one of the subject among computer applications and elective english in bachelor of arts and continued arts in M.A fine arts. Also did a diploma in graphic designing and animation.


    30 Group Exhibition in the year 2006 in Indian Academy of Fine Arts, M.M. Malviya Road, Amritsar and an Group Exhibition with an Art Dot, Jalandhar in 2010, An Art exhibition by art persons in Alpha one, Amritsar in 2013.
    Painting titled ‘US PAAR’ selected in 72nd All India Exhibition of Arts 2006 inaugurated by Prof. R.B. Bhaskaran, Chairman, Lalitkala academy, New Delhi on 28th April, 2006.
    Acted in a play “GudiaGhar” under the direction of Dr. Neeta Mohindra, Academy Award winner.
    Participated in an Artist workshop held by ‘Panchrang’ an artist group in Amritsar.
    Presented paper and attended National Painting workshops on ‘An Artist and Emerging Trends’ at B.D. Arya Girls College, Jalandhar Cantt. Sponsored by UGC in 2013.
    Participated in Wall of Art Impression 2013 conducted by Alpha one, Amritsar.
    Had interviewed S. Mehar Singh Artist, an eminent artist and former member of lalit kala bhawan Chandigarh, later published.
    Also researched for a paper presentation on various Amritsar’s local artists who contributed for an article in an indian academy of fine arts , Amritsar.
    Worked on many series like ‘Feminism’, ‘Shadow’, ‘Companion’, ’Frames’, ’Artistry’, ‘The Soul of Soil’, ‘Sketches Need CNG’.
    Judged various Painting Competitions in Schools and Colleges and also for Art and Craft competition held by Punjab Kesri Group.
    Hosted 3 National, International Conferences like ‘Impact of Technological Revolution in Visual Arts’ in 2006; ‘Reinventing and Reorienting Art Curriculum’ in 2008 in Lalit Kala Bhawan, Chandigarh and ‘A Visual Dialogue on Contemporary Indian Art’ in 2010. Also hosted and participated as an active faculty in various seminars, conclave and art talks held in Amritsar, chandigarh and new delhi.
    Worked as a coordinator for holding film festival week on Charlie Chaplin movie at Amritsar.
    Being an art lover, travelled a lot to see the works of Great Artists like at Louvre Museum, Paris, France which is famous for Leonardo Da Vinci’s Monalisa; attented a workshop at Mirano Glass Factory, Venice, Italy ( Where special treatment with glass to carry out decorative art pieces are done); also visited Galleria Dell Accademia, Venice ( Where works of great Artists like Paolo Vengiano, Giovanni Belluni, Giorgione, Titian are displayed); Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium; Modern Art Gallery, National Museum of Fine Arts, New Delhi; Visited Modurodom( Holland in Miniature) where all the cathedrals, museums, buildings, stadiums of Holland are done in Miniature; Also visited other Art Galleries/ Museums in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands etc.
    Participated in Bhikhu ram jain exhibition on women’s day 2015.
    Worked for for handpainted greeting cars in the year 2015.
    Exhibition of my new series CMYK at K T Kala Kendra by Kausa trust on 12th 13th 14th june,2016.
    Participated in beginning of july 2016 in Sankalan exhibition at Gaity Theatre, shimla.
    Thara School of arts organize workshops to make them learn various techniques of art, animation, craft etc every Saturday for age group above 18 and Sunday for kids n teens below 18.
    Organised workshop on different techniques in arts in government schools and on carrier option in arts in Khalsa College Amritsar.
    Designed exclusive hand made trophies for IOMP Bangalore, Hriday Smart City Project, FICCI FLO Amritsar and Virsa Entertainment.

Award & Recognition

    Got an appreciation letter from an Ex. President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi in year 2006.
    Best Artist of the year Award from BBK DAV College, Amritsar in the year 2006.
    Got award from honourable Mr.Boota Singh on Foundation Day celebrations at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.
    Got covered in a book on ‘Art Persons’, contemporary artist of Amritsar in year 2013.
    Got appreciation certificate from Bhikhu ram jain on women’s day 2015.
    Got Saraswati Kala Award from Punjab kesari team.
    Covered interview in ‘Simply Punjabi’ Magazine of India Today and Dainik Jaagran Newspaper also.
    Pride of Amritsar from pankaj n preeti dance academy in 2017.
    IOMP Bangalore honoured me for designing the lamp which is to ignited from Amritsar travelled through out India and to reach kerala to make people aware of cancer screening.