About Artist

I’m a multi-disciple, mixed media artist, illustrator and an explorer. No matter what medium, my art always has been a manifestation of my personal journey, my beliefs and the things I idolise. I began my artistic career as a sketch artist as a kid, I fell deeply in love with the process of creation and quickly moved on to many ways to express my own visions.


    * Class 12 from DPS Sonipat, Haryana, in Year 2019-2020
    * Class 10 from DPS Sonipat, Haryana, in Year 2017-2018


    DPS Sonepat ARTEM Festival 2019-2020

Award & Recognition

    * Jury Award For ARTEM Festival 2019-2020
    * Certificate of Appreciation in Portray Your Dream 2017
    * 2nd Position For France On Canvas in the Annual Inter-School French Language Festival 2016
    * Certificate of Appreciation for Talent Hunt 2012 in Art & Craft