About Artist

I am Shubhangi Singh Srivastava, a lyrical expressionist – a form of abstract paintings done straight from the heart. It’s an art form similar to nature, every creation is beautiful and perfect in its own way. My passion for abstract art has been driven from my surroundings and my inner-self, which at first led me to obtain a Diploma in Fine Arts from ‘National Institute of Fine Arts (NIFA), Delhi and then a specialized course in Abstract Interpretation from International Fine Art Academy (IFAA). After a MNC corporate career of 6+ years, I decided to pursue my dream and am now a full time-self-practiced and taught artist. I am here to follow my heart and paint a beautiful world. Hope you enjoy the journey of my art.


    Diploma in Fine Arts - National Institute of Fine Arts (NIFA), Delhi
    Abstract Interpretation Course - International Fine Art Academy (IFAA)
    MBA - IILM Institute of Higher Education
    B.A. Political Science (H) - Daulat Ram College, Delhi University


Award & Recognition