About Artist

My interest in colors and painting has been there since childhood. As I travel a lot, I get the chance to see nature at its best, thereby inspiring me to explore more about the application of colors on the canvas to depict the pristine beauty of the nature. My paintings carry various veiled messages which relate man and nature. I believe that painting is a form of art which can communicate with anyone without a language barrier. I work primarily in oil and acrylic colours. I often employ bold colours and emotive tableaux in a post-impressionistic manner. It’s been 16 years since I have made my passion of arts come to life and to pursue my career as an artist.


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    BTech Mechatronics


    • 27th Oct to 3rd Nov, 2016 : Group Exhibition, “Nature Around 2016” at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, India
    • 27th Oct to 3rd Nov, 2016 : Group Exhibition, “Color and Canvas 2016” at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, India
    • Aug, 2016 : Group Exhibition, “Devi Prakriti 2016” at Bengal Gallery, ICCR - Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Kolkata, India
    • July, 2016 : Solo Exhibition at the Naval Wives Welfare Association(East), Kolkata, India
    • May, 2016 : Group Exhibition, “Kalakriti 2016” at Chemould Art Gallery, Park Street, Kolkata, India
    • March, 2015 : Solo Exhibition at the Naval Wives Welfare Association(South), Kochi, India
    • 1999: Group Exhibition, “Children Special Edition” at Shristi Art Gallery, Hyderabad, India.

Award & Recognition

    • Aug, 2016: Fine Artist at Univart Foundation of art & Environmental Research in the project “International Art Project for Students”.
    • 2007: Sold various art works and handicrafts for charity.
    • 2006: Best Costume design award - Fabric painting for a dance troop which represented my university in state level cultural festival.
    • 2006: 1st prize in Art Competition in the National Level Cultural Festival of Shanmugha Arts Science Technology & Research Academy University, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India.
    • 1999: Best painting in the Children’s Section and was sold for Rs 50,000/- at Shirsti Art Gallery, Hyderabad.