About Artist

My name is Shriya Mehta, I'm a 16 year old student studying in junior college in Mumbai. My major is humanities, with a strong passion for painting & art. I aspire to inspire people with my art.


    I am a grade A student, on the forefront of academics. In the 10th grade- CBSE I received 94.2% & am now in Junior college, further studying Humanities with a deep interest in Psychology.
    Through out my school life I have gained numerous number of achievements, especially in arts.


    This is my first time putting foot into the art industry. At a young age I want to invest time in learning and focusing on making my name. I hope this can be the perfect platform to do so

Award & Recognition

    Over the years I have received recognition in multiple forms,
    Inter school competitions, Sharjah excellence program, & many more art competitions & entrepreneurial women's festivals in Dubai.