About Artist

My name is Shewti Gupta Jain. I am a passionate Artist by heart. Though my academic qualification is a Chartered Accountant but I have always liked learning new art forms in order to be able to create something of my own. I am most passionate about making portraits that too with pencil strokes but my art work also contains different medium like charcoal, water color, acrylic and oil paint.


    I have a certification for completing till 6th year in Art from Bangiya Sangeet Parishad.
    Apart from that I am from B com background. I hold degree of a Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary.
    I have attended workshop on charcoal from Arts Acre Foundation in kolkata.
    I have also been student of Mr Prasenjit Sengupta to polish my skill.


    I have exhibited on a very small platform:-
    1. Silver Needle
    2. Swarnmani Art Exhibition

Award & Recognition

    Have received certificate of one and the other one went live on different social platform.