About Artist

I paint because I am fascinated by the world around me. My work started out as a child to capture the interplay of colors in nature. Lured from an early age by philosophical questions, my work is greatly influenced by a deep understanding of spirituality and nature. Capturing the light is everything. The light around my surroundings and my travel diaries inspires me the most. It is this particular quality that can make the painting come to life and help connect with the audiences to feel the magic that lies within. My connect with nature is deeply reflected in my paintings and colors. My love for the outdoors and animals in my paintings is a constant reminder for everyone to strengthen their ties and become one with the world. This helps appreciate the beauty that most fail to notice and the sense of calm it brings along with it. This is truly reflected in the detailing of my work. Exhibited in fairs and shows, my recent art show was at Beanstalk art gallery, Galaxy Hotel, Gurgaon. I continue to practice and take my passion forward by working from my studio cum home in Delhi.


    I have pursued my bachelor's in Statistics from Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi in 2016.


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Award & Recognition

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