About Artist

Saptarshi Mukherjee born in a serene environ not very far from the jostling City of Joy with all the amenities of the civilization but in the nature's lap, in a religious Hindu joint family free from religious superstitions and prejudices. From the early childhood he possessed keen intelligence and endowed with almost a photographic memory was dissatisfied with the traditional ways of learning by rote and was therefore disgusted to the prevalent educational system. Through many ups and downs and labyrinthine serpentine passages he had to tread, ultimately found his love and passion in Photography. Thereupon he found his another love in Painting and was amazed to find that some images, ideas growing up within gave vent to in varying colours on canvas in abstract forms and as if it was descending upon him which he was almost enforced to give shape to. And this is the whole story behind his paintings.


    BFA from Symbiosis International University , Pune


Award & Recognition