About Artist

According to me, my art always concerned itself with life. Eternal life, society and nature’s various aspects are beset with mysteries. It creates the textures of various feelings and emotions with a very simple or in a complex manner. I want to emancipate myself from these mysteries in various ways. The subject matter and forms of my paintings are in a new format relating all the nuances of various feelings and emotions. Creating this new form/style, I have wanted to move ahead, constructed avenues and dissolved. I have wanted to reveal myself in this play of innovation in my own ways – realistic and abstract. Most of my works are done in the fashion of oil and acrylic on the canvas. Sometimes I have used the charcoal. All the paintings are in blend. In my works as technical and conceptual value are better of my artistic venture. Layer of paintings is very thin. The form, line and rhythm of composition used in space given applicability. The subject matter of paintings was very thematic for human life and object was made for space-division and compositionally breaking through about realistic form. Here the arrangement of color for the help of subject matter is allusive, which was enriched the subject of paintings. Form was created in the interest of rhythm and a unity of design. Hope this technique would be made my paintings striking more. With thanks by – Artist Sanjib Kundu.


    1990 – Passed the H.S. course from the ‘West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education’, in general stream.

    1992 - Passed two years pre-paratory course with first class first in Visual Arts from GOVT. COLLEGE OF ART & CRAFT, CALCUTTA, which was considered equivalent to higher secondary course by the ‘West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education’ and Calcutta University as per B.V.A. regulation.

    1995 - Passed ‘Bachelor of Visual Arts’ in Modeling & Sculpture with first class first (three years honors course) from GOVT. COLLEGE OF ART & CRAFTS, CALCUTTA, INDIA, under the University of Calcutta, India.

    1998 - Admitted for Master of Visual Arts course at RABINDRA BHARATY UNIVERSITY, CALCUTTA (completed the 1st year exam. but final year was not completed for joining in West Bengal Govt. service as an Art & Craft teacher in the year of 1999).


    1992 – Group Art exhibition of DHOOBIMAL ART GALLERY, NEW DELHI, INDIA (through govt. college of art & crafts, Calcutta ).

    1995 – Group Art exhibition of ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS, CALCUTTA, INDIA.

    1995 – Attended the workshop at Govt. College of Art & Crafts, Calcutta, INDIA.
    1992 – 93 – 94 – 95 – Annual Art exhibition of GOVT. COLLEGE OF ART & CRAFTS, CALCUTTA, INDIA.

    1996 – All India exhibition of BIRLA ACADEMY OF ART & CULTURE, CALCUTTA, INDIA.

    1999 – 70th Annual Art exhibition of ‘ALL INDIA FINE ARTS & CRAFTS SOCIETY’ NEW DELHI, INDIA.

    2010 – Selected for The 10th Oita Asian Sculpture Exhibition and Contest in the first selection round in JAPAN.

    2010 – 2011 – Participated by selection procedure of 3rd and 4th All India Annual Art Exhibition & Competition of Art Mall (India’s largest Art Gallery), New Delhi.

    2013 – Participated by selection procedure of 6th All India Annual Art Exhibition at Visual Art Gallery, Habitat center, New Delhi, India.

    2014 – Selected and Participated in The 12th Oita Asian Sculpture Exhibition and Contest, JAPAN.

    Various Online group show in India.

Award & Recognition


    1992 - Certificate of merit in painting from GOVT. COLLEGE OF ART & CRAFTS, CALCUTTA, INDIA.


    1995 - Award and Scholarship were given by “CALCUTTA SCULPTORS” (A contemporary sculptor group in INDIA) in recognition of outstanding merit.

    1998 - Attended the interview by selection procedure, at ‘Shastri Bhawan’ New Delhi, in the Department of Ministry of Human Resource Development govt. of INDIA, for JAPANESE and CHINESE Scholarship in the field of Visual Arts.

    1999 – Appeared for interview by selection procedure in the field of visual arts for national scholarship, given by the ‘Ministry of Human Resource Development’ govt. of INDIA, year of 1999 – 2000 (But did not attend the interview of joining in govt. service).


    Also working in my studio through mixed medium of Painting and Sculpture.