About Artist

Painting has been one of my childhood hobbies but lost touch over the years as other life duties took precedence. Since other pursuits are now settled, I decided to get back to drawing board. As wise say, it’s never too late. Though I took a long pause from painting, I believe the painter in me has always been alive over all these years. During my architecture education, I got exposed to software programs which replaced hand sketching. Architectural Design Software ask for precise measurements before any creation. Amused by the accuracy & convenience it offered, I spent the next decade exploring different software tools for education and then for work. For my work, I learned many aspects of building engineering and it made me super analytical about things I see. Yes, these non-artistic activities did limit my creativity in a way, but also equipped me with some unique qualities which I believe would lead to a unique painting style. I am also hopeful the painter within me has not been passive during my extensive travels within and outside India. Hope these absorbed frames help me to form intuitive ideas for future paintings. I am fascinated by the new painting tools available today. Digital painting tools have reached a good maturity. These tools not only offer convenience but also open new ways of expression. With my frequent travel for work, these tools help me continue with my hobby. I am not formally educated in art, neither have a good understanding about art theories and movements. I think paintings many a times are too difficult for a common man to perceive hence do not trigger the same emotion imagined by the painter. I feel paintings have power to trigger the observers mind and can be portrayed in more direct way. During my painting journey from here on, my aim is to create an art style which can easily initiate an energetic and motivational emotion in an observer’s mind.


    Architect, Artist, Entrepreneur


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