About Artist

Having drawn and painted since childhood, I pursued art steadfastly through school and college even while doing non artistic degrees-Bachelors in Commerce in Stella Maris College Chennai and later Masters in Human resource Management. My first creative course in Visual Communication at Julius Macwan Institute made me realize that what I loved most was Painting, using a bold color palette, human expression and that I loved experimenting different mediums. The institute gave me the freedom for creative expression along with exposure to various artists and their movements. It is this quality that myself and my fellow artists at the institute have-the unconditioned, fearless creative freedom-because of not having to fit into an establishment. This was theatmosphere I discovered at the Julius Macwan Institute. So I found my creativity not deadened and influenced, but set free and made to feel unpreserved. I compose my spaces by using geometric form especially line as a division of space. Coloris used as the main element to create the energy within this universe I place the figure orthe image that I love. This is the communicator of the concept. It communicates the emotions and philosophies. Body, heart and soul spaces the relationship of the figure with my world. Lastly but most important is the elements of composition, brushwork techniques and other formal experiments with the media to create the mood and the state of mind. Occasionally I start my work with a color theme which evolves into compositions. Sometimes color is the primary subject. To me art is the synthesis of my personal feelings which inspires the subject, materials and technique. The need to reach inside ourselves and manipulate our unconscious feelings is universal. We all do this to some degree, although most of the time we are blind to what we are doing. I try to emphasize not only the finished product, but the actual process of painting. This involves experiments on how the subject interacts with the paint, the canvas, and their tools; with attention to physical qualities of the paint itself, its texture, color and shape. This becomes works evoking sensitivity and thinking, which need not be analyzed, understood or questioned.


    2007- School of Visual Communication, NYC- 3 Months program in abstract Art
    2001- Masters in Commerce- Ethiraj College of Women, Chennai
    1999- Bachelors in Commerce- Stella Maris College, Chennai


    2006 - Dumbo Art Fest-NYC
    2008-Solo Exhibition- Fx Fowle Architects, NYC
    2009- Group Exhibition- SONYA, Brooklyn, NY

Award & Recognition