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Hi My name is Saikat Chattopadhyay .I am an energetic, ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that I undertake or situation that i am presented with .My motto is 'Every artwork created with labour and love, speaks to the person who is meant for it. There are many mass produced paintings, which no matter how beautiful and striking to look at, do not strike a chord anywhere.'




    Chandannagar French museum (Mojlish): 2018
    Gallery Gold (Tobu Ovimaan), Kolkata 2018
    Altamira Art Gallery, Kolkata 2019
    Rabindra Tirtha (Tobu Ovimaan), Kolkata 2019
    Gallery Gold (Kajrai Art), Kolkata 2018
    ICCR (Kajrai Art), Kolkata 2019
    Maharshi Ghashidas Sangrahalaya, (Creative Spark) Raipur 2019
    Janus Art Gallery,(Tobu Ovimaan), Kolkata 2019
    Chitrakut Art Gallery (Kajrai Art), Kolkata 2019
    ICCR (Tobu Ovimaan), Kolkata 2019
    Najrul Tirtha (Retro Kolkata), Kolkata 2019
    Noty Binodini Art Gallery (Art Line), Kolkata 2019
    ICCR (Kajrai Art), Kolkata 2019
    The Nepal Art Council, (The Art Synergy), Kathmandu , Nepal 2019

Award & Recognition


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