About Artist

I am a Painter, Actor and Director from Mumbai. I have been making paintings since childhood. I was born and brought up in the city of lakes - Bhopal. My Grand mother was a renowned artist from JJ school of Arts. I am from a family of artists i.e, singers, writers, painters. So I have been doing practising many forms of arts since childhood including few that I discovered with time.. So I paint, sing, play tabla, bansi, mouth organ, cook, write poems, songs and stories; make handcarved wood items like combs, pendants, cutting boards, bowls etc.. Act in tv and films.. direct films and ads.


    I am an MBA graduate in marketing from Bharti Vidyapeeth, Pune.


    independent exhibition in Balgandharv, Pune.

Award & Recognition

    I have been selling my work to those who contacted me via family, friends and neighbours. Now after lockdown I am starting to sell my work professionally. I hope that shall bring the best out of me to serve the best.