About Artist

Rishaan Patil is a 13 year old boy with special needs. He was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2.5 and also has ADHD, anxiety. Given his condition, communication and social anxiety are among his biggest challenges. But as they say, where words fail, Art & Music often succeed. And painting and singing are his tools to express his emotions, feelings and spread joy. Rishaan's preferred medium for painting is on canvas with acrylic colours but often the walls of his parent's bedrooms if a crayon is handy, are fair game too! His choice of subjects range from Superheroes & Cartoon Characters to any thing he may have experienced, seen or felt. Primary colours, bright hues and sunshine is what he loves.


    Rishaan goes to a special needs school called The Gateway School of Mumbai. His art has essentially come from doodling, watching his parents scribble, mess around with colours and he's a self-taught artist.


    Social Media, Family WhatsApp Groups, his school, classroom, his own bedroom and family gatherings are where he's had his biggest exhibitions. Often his school has chosen, picked up a canvas by him to display on their annual art showcases that often bring in popular contemporary artists too. He's had a few canvases sold as well during these exhibitions that has funded his everlasting passion for pizza and fries.

Award & Recognition