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A nostalgia sensation abides me since I started my work about sixteen years back. Climate change, mentality change, atmosphere change, environment change, big sky concentrates in between hilarious childhood suppressed under ambition playground disappear into brick structures remote control planes takes place of hand made little felting paper works.


    Completed 7th Year in fine arts, Pracheen Kala Kendra,Chandigarh, B.Com (Hons.) V.B.U Hazaribagh.


    Solo Exhibition:

    2013: 1st solo show at Shrimati art gallery, Kolkata, India.

    2016: 2nd solo show at Zainul Abedin Art gallery-1,Charukala Art Center, Dhaka,Bangladash.

    2019: 3rd solo show at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, India.

    Group Show-(National / International):

    2019: “Confluence” a group exhibition@acdamy of fine arts Kolkata.

    2018: 2nd Jaipur Kala mahotsav JKK Jaipur

    2018: India art festival, Mumbai Neharu centre Mumbai

    2018: EFAC annual exhibition. Jodhpur.

    2017: ART org. Art exhibition of artists form Indian embassy of India in Moscow Russia 2017.

    2017: 2nd all India art exhibition at Balasore Odisha 2017.

    2017 & 2019: Expression 14th & 15th "Journey" 7 annual art exhibition @ Birla academy of art and culture.kolkata

    2017: Ahmedabad art Fair @ Ahmedabad

    2017: India art festival New Delhi

    2017: ART FIESTA. Jawahar Kala Kendra Jaipur.

    2016: Bangladesh Russian cultural centre.

    2016: Gorku sadan exhibition organized by Russian cultural centre.

    2016: An artisan presents (Dot & stroke) an International art exhibition @ art gate gallery. Churchgate, Mumbai.

    2016: An artisan present (SEED) an exhibition of visual art @ Birla acadamey of art & culture. Kolkata.

    2016: An artisan presents (Raga Basant) a group exhibition of visul arts, Lalit kala academy. Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi.

    2016: Eastern foundation of art & culture, 1st annual art exhibition.Balasore art & craft collage, Balasore, Odisha.

    2015: National artists’ premier group show in thane kala bhavan gallery.Thane, Maharashtra.

    2015: Varsha’15 senior artist national painting group show @ Gandharvapur artist village by Surya art gallery, Gujarat.

    2013: An Annual Show at Shree Art Gallery, Kolkata

    2012: A Group Show at ART SHED, Gurgaon, Haryana.

    2012: A Journey Toward’s Freedom an Group Art Exhibition at The Blue Art Gallery New Delhi.

    2012: The 4th. ll India Exhibition of ART org. by Indian national Forum of Art and Culture (INFAC) Kolkata Venu:-Karnataka Chitrakala Parisath, Bangaluru

    2011: Maa DurgaA group exhibition of contemporary paintings and sculptures organized and curated by Bimal Mitra academy Kolkata.

    2011:GaneshaA group show of contemporary paintings and sculptures org. and curated by Gallery Artist Circle Kolkata.

    2011: Kirti An ode to lord ganesha a group show (invite category) organized by Genesis Art gallery Banglore.

    2011: Expression & Exhibition of painting Venue : Renaissance gallerie Bengaluru

    2011: Imagination an Exhibition of painting & Graphics : Venue.BANGLADESH GALLERY,Bangladesh. Deputy High Commission Kolkata. 2010: The 3rd All India Exhibition of ART org. by Indian national Forum of Art and Culture (INFAC) Kolkata Venu:-Lalit kala Academy New Delhi.

    2010: Group Exhibition At Birla Academy of Art & Culture.Kolkata India.

    2010: Group Exhibition At Spring Art Camp Org by Dhanbad forest Division.

    2009:10:Group Exhibition Org by ISM Dhanbad

    2009: Group Exhibition of Contemporary Artists of Jharkhand Org by CAJ Dhanbad.

    2009: Group Exhibition Young Artists of Jharkhand Org by Jharkhand Shilp kala parishad, Hazaribagh. India.

    2008: Art Exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata : Org .by Indian National Forum of Art and Culture.

    2007: Rhythm of Life{Conducted by Forest departement} :,Dhanbad.

    2007: Art Exhibition Org. by Janhit Kala Sansthan,Bokaro.

    2008:07 Art Exhibition {Sponsored by BCCL } : Dhanbad.

    2007 :Art Exhibition Deepika Art Trust ,Jamshedpur.

    2006: Group Exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts ,Kolkata.

    2011:06 Group Exhibition at BIT Photographic Club,Sindri.

    2004:08 Group Exhibition at Gandhi Seva Sadan, Dhanbad.

    2005 :Group Exhibition at Kala Bhawan,Dhanbad.

    2005 :5th All India Art Exhibition Kalankan Prayas, Dhanbad.

    2004: Group Exhibition at Kala Bhawan, Dhanbad.

    2003&2002: 1st&2nd State Exhibition Jharkhand Chitralekha Sanathan,Dhanbad.

    2003&2002: 1st&2nd Foundation Day of JCS at Dhanbad

    Art Camps / Work Shops :

    2020: "ROSAMOTY" International art festival @ dimand harbour, west bangal.

    2019: RAHA KRISTY WELFARE SOCIETY org by nation art workshop @ Bardhaman, west Bangal

    2018 to 2020: DHAULI INTERNATIONAL ART FESTIVAL, Dhauli collage of art and craft, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

    2018: EFAC org. National art workshop @ jodpur

    2018 : "Prakrati" Nation art workshop org. By Hazaribag forest division, Jharkhand.

    2017: Shrijan -5 National art workshop Doon valley schoo, Devband, UP.

    2016:20th Anta rashtriy kala parv @ kalavart nayas Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India.

    2015: Varsha’15 senior national artist painting workshop @ Gandharvpur artist village, Saputara, Gujarar.

    2011:.An all India visual artists summit.(society preservation of tribal culture & natural beauty) Ranchi Jharkhand

    2010: Art Workshop Org by 7 COLOUR Dhanbad

    2010 :SHRIJAN Art Workshop Org by ISM Dhanbad

    2009-10: Environment Day Camp Org by Dhanbad Forest Department, Dhanbad.

    2010-08: All India Spring Art Camp Dhanbad Forest Department, Dhanbad.

    2007:Art Camp organized by Indian National Forum of Art and Culture, Kolkata

    2007:50th All India Artist Summer Camp Shilpi Sangh, Patna {Bihar}

    2007: All India Summer Art Camp and Workshop, Janhit Kala Sansthan , Bokaro.

    2007: Art Camp Dhanbad Forest Division, Dhanbad.

    2006: Art Camp JCS at Dhanbad.

    2006:11th International Art Camp Kalavart Nays, Ujjain.{M.P}

    2005: 3rd National Art Camp and Seminar to Celebrate 350th Year of Tajmahal Lalit Kala Sansthan ,Agra.

    2004: 9th National Art Camp Kalavart Nays ,Ujjain.{M.P}

    2003: Art Camp at Gandhi Seva Sadan , Dhanbad.

    2002 to 2006:Art Camp at Kala Bhawan , Dhanbad.

    Art Residency-( National ) :

    2014: One month artists in residency at Niv art center, New Delhi.

    Art Fairs :

    Ahmadabad Art Fair-2017, Rajpath Club, Ahmadabad, Gujarat, presented by ART TUNE, Kolkata.

    India Art Festival-2017, Thyagraj Stadium, Delhi, India, Presented by ART TUNE, Kolkata.

    Jaipur Art Fiesta-2017, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur, Rajasthan, presented by ART TUNE, Kolkata.

    Jaipur Kalamahotsav-2018, Shilpgram, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur, Rajasthan, presented by ART TUNE, Kolkata

    India art Festival-2018, Nehru Center Mumbai, India, presented by ART TUNE, Kolkata.

    Collections :

    Dhauli College of Art & Craft ,Bhubaneswar, Kulo Creative Art Socity W.B.The Doon Valley Public School. MUZAFFAR NAGAR, Uttar Pradesh. SURYA ART GALLERY, Saputara, GUJARAT. NIV ART Center New Delhi, Genesis Art gallery Bangalore, INFAC- Kolkata, ISM- Dhanbad, Forest dept. Dhanbad , Jharkhand, Shilpi Sangh Patna, Bihar, Bokaro-CG, Kalavart Nyas. Ujjain, Lalit kala sansthan Agra, 7 colours Dhanbad, Jharkhand and Various Private Collection in India & Bangladash.

Award & Recognition

    Certificates / Award:
    2005: 5th All India Art Exhibition Kalankan Prayas, [Silver Medal ]
    2002: 2nd All India Art Contest and Exhibition by Kalankan Prayas, Dhanbad.
    2002 & 2003: State Level Art Exhibition , Dhanbad, JCS .
    2002: Avantika International Talent Search Painting Contest New Delhi.

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