About Artist

I am Promila Singh, mother of two grown up and settled children living in Gurgaon and USA . From my childhood, I had interest in art and painting objects around me. Gradually, art became my passion and I started painting as my hobby as well as selling my artwork. My inspiration comes from environment, wilderness and beauty of nature, people, imperfections and my thoughts about the world. I do painting in oil colors, acrylic and water colors on canvas, paper or on any other board.


    (1) Graduation in Social Work from Lucknow University, Lucknow. During my studies, I joined art & painting classes in a school named Creation .
    (2) DPSW ( Diploma in psychiatric Social -Work ) from Hospital for Mental Diseases, Ranchi.
    Here , I enhanced my passion for painting and shared my interest with those who were admitted in Depression or some mental illness.
    ( 3) Worked as a Social Welfare Instructress in Allahabad Agricultural Institute , Allahabad. I was also appointed as a Warden of Trainees Hostel . In spare time I used to take painting classes and exhibit their paintings for poor funds.


    In 1980 , I displayed my 20 self made collection of paintings in a Art Gallery named Yugveena, Bareilly Cantt.
    Just 3 years back, I displayed 30 paintings includes oil and acrylic in an exhibition in Mountain View , Hockney Avenue , California for charity water.
    In addition , I sold my 23 paintings for fund raising in Santa Clara , California . Most of them were abstract in acrylic on paper and framed.

Award & Recognition