About Artist

I am an artist based in Mumbai, India who likes to express herself through abstraction. I love to paint surreal landscapes and seascapes. I also paint the cosmos from my imagination. I use a lot of bright colours and create many layers. I layer my paintings with many different colours to bring out the depth. I create textures using many tools like a palette knife, old brushes, pencils etc. I create every day in my studio with my emotions and feelings. I let my intuition and emotions flow freely on the canvas.


    I am a finance graduate by profession who has taken up art as her full time work.
    I am self taught and I learn something new each day from my surroundings, my life and myself.


    Several group shows in Mumbai, New Delhi, Goa and Surat .
    My latest art exhibition is coming up in Warsaw, Poland.

Award & Recognition

    Kala Sanskruti award - 2022