About Artist

"The only limit in this world is perception, everything else is infinite" Hello ! I am a self taught artist originally from Nashik and currently based in Pune. I am basically a Civil Engineer turned into an Artist. I firmly adhere to what I’ve stated above and as a result, my artworks are not restricted to any specific form. I work spontaneously based on my observation about human behaviour, spirituality, feelings and nature. A character of righteousness that has embedded in me since my childhood makes me stand against anything wrong happening around me. This has feuled my interest to attain peace and positivity using the creativity that I am blessed with. Colors give me a sense of happiness & satisfaction whereas I wish To spread the same through my paintings.


    I have pursued Bachelors degree in Construction Engineering. Though I don't have any academic background related to art, I have been painting since my childhood and the consistency of this practice reflects into my work.



Award & Recognition