About Artist

I am a self taught contemporary abstract artist who lives and works in Mumbai, India. Born & brought up in a vibrant city with different influences of modern culture and art, my work is a contemplation of my experiences and varied imagination. From a young age I have believed, “You can create anything once it is in your mind and grows in your thought.”Throughout the years of practice I learnt the art of palette knife techniques and action paintings .The subjects and modes of paintings, sketching have changed gradually from Exploratory - Experimental - Inquisitive – Intuitive thinking. Influenced by the European todays practicing abstract artist I am in constant interaction with changing nature of art and language.


    BMM , MA , MBA


    My exhibits started in KGAF in 2010 and my artwork has been acknowledged by WNC , TIFR , PSNA, Tata Capital , SAP. Over the years the work has been bought by NPAPL & KBA Architects , private collection from Birla Group Members , Aza Shipping , Buy & Sell Tips, Raisol Infra , Steelworks , featured in Zee Business , MI Marathi and several other articles .

    I have also been an active member as a Global Shaper at WEF , Swayamsiddh and several organization for my artistic ventures.

Award & Recognition